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Reflective Film Johannesburg

Reflective film gives your windows and doors a mirror finish when viewed externally, and is designed for heat and glare reduction. But thanks to its mirror-like finish, the film also helps to protect your security with enhanced daytime privacy, without losing all your natural light.

Lower Energy Bills With Reflective Film

Heat reflective window film can help reduce the amount of time your AC has to run in order to make your home comfortable. This film can also help block the sun which will allow you to retain that costly cold air for a longer period of time.

With average use, an air conditioning system can last 10-15 years. However, with residential window tint, your AC doesn’t have to work as hard which means you could see a few extra years of use!

Lower Solar Heat Gain

Reflective solar film can go a long way toward mitigating solar heat gain, that’s the heat that accumulates inside your home or office when the sun comes beating in through the roof, walls and windows.

The windows on your south and west-facing walls are the most susceptible. By installing reflective window film, the majority of the sun’s rays will be reflected, preventing them from heating up your space.

Reflective Film Protects From the Sun

Not only does the sun cause damage to our skin if we’re overexposed, but the sun’s UV rays causes damage to our home as well.

It fades materials such as carpet and upholstery and even evaporates water and causes algae build-up in planters and aquariums. With reflective window film you can allow the sun into your home without its damaging effects.