Energy Efficiency With Eco-Tinting

Warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with Eco-tinting. It helps to control temperature and energy costs for a more comfortable and affordable home. When the rays of the sun enter your home it heats the air and your air conditioner has to run longer. You can save a huge amount of money and stay cooler at the same time.

Indoor Climate Control

Eco-Tinting creates a more comfortable environment. In a commercial or residential setting, it causes rooms to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, no matter where the sun is shining. It also reduces glare from sunlight, cutting down on eye strain and headaches.

UV Ray Prevention

Eco-Tinting blocks 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays from entering your home, business, or vehicle. This helps reduce glare while protecting skin and eyes from damage. By blocking UV rays, it also helps protect furnishings, upholstery, paintings, and tapestries from fading and discolouration.

Safety And Security

Safety film deters forced entry by making windows harder to penetrate. Which encourages would-be intruders to seek easier targets. Our safety film reduces this risk of injury and helps hold glass fragments in place until they can safely be removed and replaced in case of a broken window.

Eco-Tinting Johannesburg

We have a wide range of heat reduction films that will block out 35% to 78% of heat penetrating the glass, depending on the film selected. Take the first step and get energy-saving film for your building’s windows to become energy compliant.

Residential Eco-Tinting

Eco-Tinting is typically more affordable than blinds and other window treatments including curtains and drapes. It’s an extremely energy-efficient solution. It improves the look, energy efficiency and ultimately the value of your home.

By reducing the heat, glare and UV rays generated by the sun, window tint helps to lower your energy costs. It also blocks 99% of UV rays and prevents flooring, fabrics and other belongings from fading.

It also reduces interior glare. If the sun is causing damage to your blinds, curtains or furniture, you might want to consider eco-tinting. Nearly 75% of window installations worldwide are not energy efficient.

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Commercial Eco-Tinting

Window tinting, or window film, for commercial buildings, is a proven money saver, energy saver and the smart choice for any commercial property investor looking to make more profit from their commercial investment.

Its many benefits include: drastically reduced utility bills, markedly increased tenant retention and unparalleled levels of safety. Stop throwing money out the windows of your commercial investment today by investing in window tinting for your location!

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